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This is an encyclopedic resource of everything about the Power of the Four (RL RP). This wiki includes documentation on the Destined, along with other characters, affiliates, and subjects related to the Power of the Four or a fan-made version of Keeper of the Lost Cities.


Aaron (pronounced AARE-ohn)

Aaron is an elf. He is one of four Telepaths who are destined for something greater than they could have ever imagined. He's a blond with blue eyes. He is friends with another member of the Destined: Colson. They both are unaware of their heritage and futures.


Colson (pronounced COLE-sohn)

Colson is another Telepath, and one of the Destined. He's best friends with Aaron, and even though it's unknown to him, they're half-brothers with the same father. Colson has short white-blond hair, and eyes as light as ice. He is talented with technology but also very athletic. He is on the hockey team. Even though he'd be popular in middle school, since he is too young and in high school, other students dislike him.


Leyliana (pronounced lay-LEE-ah-nah)

She is a blond-haired Telepath, and one of the Destined. She, like her friend Sophia, loves fashion.


Sophia (pronounced so-fee-ah)

Sophia and Leyliana both love fashion, and are both Destined Telepaths.




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